Electromagnetic Generator Power

Tapping in the power of energy fields around us – magnetic interacting with electric

Permanent magnet generators

The following videos are just selected few showing the energy stored in permanent magnets can be used to either spin a wheel or get converted to AC electricity directly. There are a total of seven videos in this batch:

The most notable video is the one showing Tariel Kapanadze’s demonstration (the third video popping up) of his device in pulling enormous eletromagnetic power from the air. There are so many people who have successfully replicated Kapanadze’s generator that we are going to dedicate a separate page for Kapanadze’s generator and those KapanGen devices of those who have successfully replicated his design.

Here is the link to the KapanGen page: electromagneticgeneratorpower.com/videos/kapanadze-generator-kapangen

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