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Kapanadze Generator (KapanGen)

Tariel Kapanadze, like Don Smith, is probably one of the most successful people who have come up with devices based on the work of Nikola Tesla. The outcome is so convincing that quite a few people, probably close to a hundred of them, could actually replicate Kapanadze’s power generator. They call it “KapanGen” or “KapaGen” in short. This page is dedicated to show videos related to KapanGen devices.

In his words, here is the reason why Tariel Kapanadze can successfully get Tesla’s design to function (emphasis added): “I discovered how to get AUTOMATIC RESONANCE between the primary and secondary windings. The most important thing is TO ACHIEVE RESONANCE.”

If you are in a hurry, please take watch this single video that shows Mr. Kapanadze’s device in a transparent box which was started simply with a single 9V battery:

Now, watch a group of videos in which Mr. Tariel Kapanadze demonstrates how several versions of his device work — I include now (July 16, 2015) some of his most recent videos as well:

In December 2009 an anonymous contributor e-mailed to say that Kapanadze returned to the ex-USSR republic of Georgia and that the video soundtrack is in the Georgian language and after the demonstration, the interview is in Russian. He has kindly translated the parts which relate to the device, as follows:

Question: What are you showing us today?
Answer: This is a device which draws energy from the environment. It draws 40 watts as it starts up, but then it can power itself and provide an output of 5 kilowatts. We don’t know how much energy can be drawn from the environment, but in an earlier test, we drew 200 kilowatts of power.

Question: Is it possible to solve the energy problems of Georgia?
Answer: We consider that they have already been solved.

Question: Please tell us in simple terms, how your device works.
Answer: (1) Power is drawn from the battery to get the device running
(2) If we want, we can use part of the output power to drive a charger and charge the battery
(3) When the device is running, we can remove the battery and it then operates self-powered. This particular unit can deliver 5 kilowatts of power which is enough for a family. We can easily make a version which supplies 10 kilowatts. We don’t know what the practical power limit is for a unit like this. With this particular device we have here, we do not draw more than 5 kilowatts as we don’t want to burn out the components which we used in this build.

Question: Does your invention pick up current from mains wires?
Answer: The mains has nothing to do with this device. The energy produced comes directly from the environment.

Question: What do you call your device and do you dedicate it to anyone?
Answer: I would not dream of claiming this device to be my invention, I just found something which works. This is an invention of Nikola Tesla and all the credit is his. Tesla has done so much for mankind but today he is just forgotten. This device is his invention, his work.

Question: Why are you so sure that this is a design of Nikola Tesla’s?
Answer: Because I worked from his invention – his design. I discovered how to get automatic resonance between the primary and secondary windings. The most important thing is to achieve resonance. Melnichenko came close to solving this problem. The government of Georgia refuses to take this invention seriously.

Question: You said that resonance must be maintained. Which parts resonate?
Answer: Here (pointing to the green box) and here (pointing to the Tesla Coil mounted on the top of the green box). The resonator is inside the green box and at present, it is secret until patented.

Question: How much would one of these units cost?
Answer: When mass produced, it would cost between 300 and 400 US dollars for a unit which has an output of 5 or 6 kilowatts.

Question: How much did it cost you to build this demonstration device?
Answer: About eight thousand (currency not specified, but the previous question was US dollars). Parts had to be got in from twenty different places.

Question: Is this your house?
Answer: No, I rent this place because we have sold all that we have to make these devices. And, having done it, the government and many scientists say “We are not interested because a device like that is impossible and can’t possibly exist!”. I have not been allowed to make a presentation to them, but people who understand the Tesla Coil understand how this device works.

Then we watch videos of those who have successfully replicated Kapanadze’s generator. First the non-English videos:

Now the videos in English:

Got to specially mention youtuber jiffycoil who speaks perfect English and has the best setup for his version of the KapanGen replica. Here I pull out his video from the above group (the first on the list):

Kapagen Generator

Youtuber jiffycoil mentions that he got the circuit schematic from the EnergeticFroum.com which we have dig it out. Click here to see the simple circuit that Jean-Louis Naudin had worked out.

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