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Joule Ringer is so inspiring and simple!

Youtuber lasersaber shows a simple device called “Joule Ringer” that was first started and maintained by one or two 9V batteries then the device can power a CFL light with the batteries removed. It is so inspiring because extra energy can be drawn from such a simple Joule Ringer (some call it Joule Thief) to keep the CFL lighted up for so long.

This means that energy collected from solar panels, wind turbines, etc. can be directly used to keep this type of “Joule Ringer” devices running for as long as we need it. Take a look at this video below – a must see:

Joule Ringer! Light keeps going without battery.

Interesting enough, the circuit schematic seems to be the one showing in the next video – very simple and very easy to replicate: Read More…

Kapanadze Generator Simply IMPRESSIVE!!!

Tariel Kapanadze and his electromagnetic generatorAfter reading about it and especially after watching all the demo videos around this device, Tariel Kapanadze’s Tesla-coil-based generator appears to be the most impressive of all. There are so many people who are able to replicate his design that they call it “KapanGen” or “KapaGen”. We have dedicated a whole page to this topic – here is the link to watch all the videos about his KapanGen:


Below are pictures for some of the KapanGen replications:

Read More…

Got this site up!

As we said it on the introduction page, this website was inspired by Patrick Kelly of free-energy-info.co.uk who has done a marvelous work compiling all the information about “free energy” devices that have been already invented by numerous people around the world.

Instead of buying an ebook that is charged up to $77, I could get all the information needed from Patrick’s ebook and website, loaded with solid information. After finishing his compiled information, I am shocked – I did not know so many people have already invented so many devices that could be used to tap into the vast energy around us.

While the information is powerful, it can get into bad people’s hands and get abused. The only way to minimize the abuse is to spread the information around as fast and as wide as possible so that many people can at least know about it. Thus free sharing of this information is critical.