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Where could free energy come from?

As discussed earlier, free energy refers to the energy that is always there around us. Although we do need some effort to turn it into a useful form for us, we do not need to anything to cause them to exist there. We have this free and invisible energy surrounding us all the time. Let us try to list some of them, if not all:

(1) Radiation from the sun. This is probably the major source of free energy we have around us as the sun is the biggest energy source both in scope and quantity. Think about, the earth we live on is constantly bathed in the solar wind that comes from the sun. Even if we travel in the outer space where the temperature is -270°C (3 Kelvin above the absolute zero point), we still have it passing through the space. As long as we remain in the solar system, we have it.

(2) The air. The air around the earth stores some of the solar energy in the form of heat entropy. Compared to the outer space where there is no air and the temperature is almost zero Kelvin, the air around us has been heated up by at least 250°C in average. This is the major source of energy that powers many natural phenomena such as lightening, rain and snow, tornadoes, etc. Water molecules in the air not only store energy in the form of heat, they can also store energy in the form of chemical bonding between the hydrogen and oxygen atoms. Again, the energy stored is enormous for us to use.

(3) The permanent magnet. Similar to air, permanent magnets are another form of medium that has stored energy inside. The energy of magnetism is there all the time unless the magnetism degrades very very slowly with time. This magnetic energy can be readily converted to electricity either directly or indirectly via a mechanical device.

(4) Gravitational forces. This is another form of energy around us that we cannot see with naked eyes and feel with our other senses. Gravitational forces are more mysterious to us than electromagnetic radiations as they are less understood.

(5) Nuclear energy in atoms. This energy agrees with Einstein’s equation E=mC2 and is probably the most dangerous form of energy to human beings if we take it directly. Nuclear energy can be perceived as the Pandora’s box – if we do not open it in a uncontrolled way, we will get harmed instantly.

By the way, modern physics has summarized all natural forces into four fundamental categories: (1) gravitational,  (2) electromagnetic, (3) strong nuclear, and (4) weak nuclear.

Having listed all the major forms of free energy above, we see clearly the earth environment we live has offered us naturally the safest energy in forms of solar radiation, the air, permanent magnets and gravitational forces. These four forms of energy are safe because they are naturally controlled. Solar radiation is controlled by a proper distance between the sun and the earth and controlled by the thick air and earth-born electromagnetic canopies around the earth. The air is safe because it is the very stuff we breathe in and breathe out. Permanent magnets – if you have been hurt by a piece of permanent magnet you would not use it on your fridge, would you? Gravitational forces are safe because it is neither electrical nor magnetic in nature – they can pass through our body without causing any harm at all.

Am I against the nuclear energy? No!

I am asking this question: have we fully explored ways to harness energy in the forms of solar, air and gravitation? The answer is a clear NO after reading and seeing so many people since the time of Tesla who have tried to generate power utilizing energy stored in the first three forms. See the slideshow of images displaying numerous safe devices that many people have come up with. The sad thing is, none of these good-intention and hard-working people represents the main stream and almost all of them have been misunderstood and ridiculed – some of them even got murdered because of their positive contributions!

The question is, having not completely exhausted the ways to harness energy in the safest forms, why do we rush to open the Pandora’s box? What is the point of doing that?