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Joule Ringer is so inspiring and simple!

Youtuber lasersaber shows a simple device called “Joule Ringer” that was first started and maintained by one or two 9V batteries then the device can power a CFL light with the batteries removed. It is so inspiring because extra energy can be drawn from such a simple Joule Ringer (some call it Joule Thief) to keep the CFL lighted up for so long.

This means that energy collected from solar panels, wind turbines, etc. can be directly used to keep this type of “Joule Ringer” devices running for as long as we need it. Take a look at this video below – a must see:

Joule Ringer! Light keeps going without battery.

Interesting enough, the circuit schematic seems to be the one showing in the next video – very simple and very easy to replicate: Read More…