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Recently quite a few people asked about Mr. Kapanadze. I have to say that I do not represent him – in fact I have not met him in person at all. Please follow the links I provided to get in touch of the people who have the same interest or who have successfully replicated Kapanadze’s device. Sorry that I cannot help more. Good luck with your search and research.

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5 Responses to “Contact Me”

  1. Tamta says:

    Can you please tell me some information about Tariel Kapanadze? where does he lives now? any contact information if you know, please,
    Thank you

    • Admin says:

      Tamta, I am asking the same question myself. If you know, let me know. I believe he should be awarded the Nobel prize. What I doubt they will give him the award.

      • Tamta says:

        I’m from Georgia too and I can’t find him and any information about him even in Georgia. Something unusual happens around him. If I find out some info I’ll get you know

        • Admin says:

          All I heard is that he moved back to where he came from.

          If you know anything about him, please tell us and others by posting here. I like this guy – he should be rewarded for what he is doing. I hope that his secrets will not be taken by the bad guys.

  2. James Stockton says:

    TK lives in the Republic of Georgia. I’m not sure where thoe. Maybe on the border with Russia. Wesley from youtube has his contact info but will not give it out, I believe..

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