Electromagnetic Generator Power

Tapping in the power of energy fields around us – magnetic interacting with electric


The start of this website was inspired by Patrick Kelly’s more than 2000 pages of ebook and his free-energy-info.com website.

For the past few weeks in October 2011, I have been constantly getting email spam trying to sell me free energy ebooks for up to $77 – I almost bought one that has been recommended by most people on the internet. Luckily I Googled and checked for a few days until I found Patrick’s free ebook which is the most comprehensive compilation of free energy devices and principles.

While I realize I cannot replicate and test all the electromagnetic power generators covered in his book, I could help spread the words around about all existing inventions that have tapped into the so-called “zero-point” or “ambient background” energy. Yes, I use WordPress to present the information as it is an powerful and easy online website builder which is search engine friendly.

At the moment, all information presented is either something inspired by Patrick Kelly’s stuff or reposting and rewriting of his stuff with my personal touch. I may add something new as I find related.

I hope that as more and more people understand the “free energy” principles and see demonstrations of these principles, more will start to accept and use these devices for their own benefits.

Many thanks again for Patrick’s wonderful work in collecting and presenting all the information!

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